tag: alpinism
  • Tour Ronde face nord

    Tue 13 January 2015

    I did this tour over two years ago, and it was probably the best experience I've had in the mountains to date. I had got back to Grenoble in the autumn of 2012, and had been eager to try some more challenging mountaineering, so when Mehdi proposed the north ...

  • Arêtes du Gerbier

    Fri 31 October 2014

    Recently there seems to be a theme of re-doing old classics with new people; this time Rob, JB and I took a crack at the arêtes du Gerbier. I had previously done this route with Rob and Greg about two years ago, although at that time everything was in dense ...

  • Ascension of Mont Aiguille

    Wed 22 October 2014

    I recently took a trip down memory lane with another (third?) ascension of the classic Mont Aiguille normal route, this time with Rob and JB. A nice easy climb with just enough of a walk-in to get warmed up and some rockfall for that spicy edge.

    Rob maintains a pretty ...