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  • Traversée de Belledonne

    Mon 18 September 2017

    A few weeks ago I took a trip back to Grenoble for a review meeting of the project that I'm working on. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on, so I decided that I would fly out the weekend before in order to get in some ...

  • Aiguille Dibona

    Wed 15 July 2015

    As you round the last corner and climb up out of the ravine into the Soreiller cirque, the sharpened point of the Aiguille Dibona comes into view. At its summit it is only a few metres wide; it truly is the only mountain that I have ever seen that truly ...

  • Grand Pic de la Lauzière

    Sat 28 March 2015

    It's getting warmer and the snow is already disappearing from lower altitudes, this may well be the last ski tour of the season! This morning JB, Emanuel, Sebastjan, Mark and I met up with the aim of skiing the Grand Pic de la Lauzière, an impressive peak standing at ...

  • Tour Ronde face nord

    Tue 13 January 2015

    I did this tour over two years ago, and it was probably the best experience I've had in the mountains to date. I had got back to Grenoble in the autumn of 2012, and had been eager to try some more challenging mountaineering, so when Mehdi proposed the north ...

  • Tour of the Dôme de Polset

    Thu 18 December 2014

    The first skitour of the year, and what an epic one it was. Not being one for doing things by half measures Rob proposed this tour. As neither Rob, JB nor I really fancied taking the Monday or the Friday off we opted to compress the three days into two ...

  • Cornes de Pié Bérarde

    Mon 01 December 2014

    I actually did this tour in summer 2013, but didn't get around to putting the pictures up on the blog until now!

    Christoph and I had been saying for a while that we should do some multipitch together, and finally we managed to find a weekend where we were ...

  • Arêtes du Gerbier

    Fri 31 October 2014

    Recently there seems to be a theme of re-doing old classics with new people; this time Rob, JB and I took a crack at the arêtes du Gerbier. I had previously done this route with Rob and Greg about two years ago, although at that time everything was in dense ...

  • Ascension of Mont Aiguille

    Wed 22 October 2014

    I recently took a trip down memory lane with another (third?) ascension of the classic Mont Aiguille normal route, this time with Rob and JB. A nice easy climb with just enough of a walk-in to get warmed up and some rockfall for that spicy edge.

    Rob maintains a pretty ...