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  • Running my first D&D session

    Mon 28 January 2019

    Last weekend I ran the first session of a Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) campaign. This was my first experience being a dungeon master, so I thought I'd write down a few random thoughts about the experience. This will mainly be something for me to reflect on as I ...

  • Switching to Pelican

    Fri 19 February 2016

    When I first set up this website I was using a set of hand-rolled scripts for generating the HTML from posts/pages written in markdown and Jinja templates. Recently I have come to the conclusion that although my initial aim was to avoid complexity, in reality the system I was ...

  • Comments are available

    Sun 24 August 2014

    I got round to implementing the comment system in the last few days. There were a few things to think about in the implementation, such as how to make comments work both with and without javascript, as well as how the backend should fit together. I've put some notes ...

  • Adding Comments

    Sun 17 August 2014

    This website is currently fully static, meaning that there is currently no "backend" infrastructure: no server-side scripts and no database. With the addition of this blog I'd like to enable some form of comments on posts, however I'd still like to keep the backend framework with few moving ...

  • Auto-generating Content

    Sat 16 August 2014

    This is the second post in the series of posts about this very website, and this time I shall say a few words about the content on the site that is auto-generated.

    Some parts of the website are almost entirely auto-generated, as it would be cumbersome to them write by ...

  • The First Post

    Fri 15 August 2014

    This is the first post in the blog section of the website; huzzah! This thread will be about the website itself and how it works. I'll be making updates in the form of posts as and when I add features.


    I set up this website mainly to present ...