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  • Unix pass and dmenu

    Tue 21 November 2017

    I have been using the standard Unix password manager, pass, for some time. I like pass; it's really simple and I understand what it does. I simply have a ~/.password-store directory on my machine that contains subdirectories and gpg-encrypted files that contain passwords or any other sensitive data. pass ...

  • Isolating a Jupyterhub deployment

    Thu 02 February 2017

    In the research group that I am a part of we use Jupyter and associated projects a lot. In addition to the local Jupyter instances that people may run on their private machines, we also have a Jupyterhub deployment that spawns Jupyter servers in Docker containers that we use for ...

  • Riced desktop with i3wm

    Mon 20 July 2015

    Ever since I started using the GNU/Linux operating system (which I will now abbreviate to just "Linux", apologies to Stallman) in 2008 (Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex) one thing I have never been able to settle on has been my desktop environment. I originally started out with the venerable ...

  • Thinkpad T520 arrived

    Fri 20 March 2015

    About a month ago the Thinkpad arrived Microdream provided a really fast and professional service. Even though it is refurbished, the laptop is in an excellent state with hardly a blemish on it; I was particularly impressed with the state of the screen.

    As for whether or not I am ...

  • New Thinkpad T520

    Tue 10 February 2015

    Unfortunately, I was recently burgled. The thieves decided not to take the thousands of euros' worth of skis and climbing gear but did decide to make off with my laptop. Well I'd never liked that Lenovo G580 anyway, so it was the perfect excuse to buy something more in-line ...