Thinkpad T520 arrived

About a month ago the Thinkpad arrived Microdream provided a really fast and professional service. Even though it is refurbished, the laptop is in an excellent state with hardly a blemish on it; I was particularly impressed with the state of the screen.

As for whether or not I am happy with this laptop model, I have to say that the T520 is a pleasure to work with. The much-lauded keyboard really is very satisfying to use, with next to no "squidgyness" in the keys when pressed. One feature of the keyboard that I have found particularly nice is the positioning of two extra mouse buttons above the trackpad. For a heavy keyboard user like me this configuration is great as it allows me to switch to using the nub mouse (the red dot you can see in the image of the opened laptop) and click on things without removing my whole hand from the home row.

I chose to get a T-series thinkpad (as opposed to one of its smaller X-series cousins) because even though it is a laptop, I use it as my main device when at home so most of the time it is connected to power. Also I like to be able to move the machine around my appartment, which makes me shy away from a setup where I have a very portable laptop hooked up to bigger monitors. I wanted the screen to be large enough so that it wouldn't feel crowded even with several terminal windows open on the same workspace, and the 15.6" display of the T520 certainly fits the bill. The downside of this is that the battery life is reduced, and given that my refurb's battery is already a few years old, this means that in practice I can only get a couple of hours of autonomy even when I power off the network card and reduce the brightness. While this has been a minor pain on business trips on the train, I would say that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.

All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. With some luck this laptop may even outlive my Packard-Bell Easynote, which I purchased as a refurb in 2008 and is still (just about) alive.